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July 15 - July 28



Calling all teens with culinary curiosity!

Here's a chance to get a taste of what day-to-day life in a restaurant looks and feels like.

*it's not like what you see on the TV show "The Bear". Promise.

Led by Chef Claud Beltran, this is an immersive cooking intensive designed to improve students' basic cooking skills and give them a taste of day-to-day life in a restaurant - in both the kitchen and front of house.

This 2 week course culminates in a Sunday Family Supper where students will cook for (and serve) their family members in a Pop-up restaurant concept that they will collectively create, using the kitchen and dining room of Bacchus’ Kitchen in Pasadena. 

Ages: 12-16

*exceptions can be made



*limited enrollment!


tuition includes:

- daily lunch “family meal”     - kitchen apron rental

2 tickets for parents or family members for Sunday Supper on July 28th

*additional tickets for Sunday Family Supper will be available for purchase



   Mon July 15  -  Thurs July 18      

10am - 2pm each day

Week 1 will focus on:

- Kitchen Safety    - Knife skills    - Kitchen Basics   - Sauces

& a dessert/pastry day with Pastry Chef Steph

a detailed schedule of daily curriculum will be available soon


*Fri July 19th is penciled in for a menu/concept session with the students to plan Sunday Supper. 



Mon July 22 - Thurs July 25

10am -  2pm each day 


Week 2 will focus on creating dishes for the Sunday Supper menu and a focus on International dishes,

including dishes inspired by Chef Claud Beltran’s diverse Mexican & Lebanese background.

a detailed schedule of daily curriculum will be available soon

but some examples of dishes we might explore:

Spanish: Paella  

Italian: Handmade Gnocchi & Pasta 

Flavors of Mexico: handmade tortillas, tacos, salsas, ceviche etc    

Mediterranean: mezze plates & kebabs


Thurs July 18 will be a front-of-house training day, led by General Manager Brandon Firla,

where students will learn service etiquette and techniques.

We’ll also be finalizing the design and menu (and name) of our Pop-up Restaurant for Sunday Supper.

Sunday Family Supper

Sunday July 28th    10am - TBD  

Students will arrive in the morning and get to work prepping for early supper service (start time TBA).

They will also prepare, decorate and set-up the dining room based on the Pop-up concept they’ve created. 


During service, students will prep specific dishes that they are assigned to, and when they’re not needed in the kitchen, they’ll be helping walk plates to the dining room, bus tables, and tend to guests as servers. 


Bacchus’ Kitchen and service staff will work alongside the students for Sunday Supper.

for more details, please email Brandon at


July 15 - July 28

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